Members of Kakamega County Assembly have adopted the second Supplementary Budget for the Financial Year 2019/2020 with a significant downward revision by Ksh.203 million.
This comprises of Ksh. 465 million reduction in Own Resource Revenue, reduction of Ksh. 287. 8 million in development and an increase in recurrent expenditure by Ksh. 84.5 million.
The first Supplementary Appropriations Act, 2019 appropriated a total of Ksh. 15.6 Billion comprising of Ksh. 8.3 Billion for recurrent and Ksh. 7.3 Billion for development budget.
The second revision of the Budget was prompted by the outbreak of Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19), which has severely affected livelihoods, distressing economy and derailing operations at both levels of national and county governments.
The move will see the County Executive factor in its Budget a grant of Ksh. 262.1 million from National Government and Ksh. 10 million donations for the COVID-19 pandemic programs.
In addition, the county government has reallocated Ksh. 115 million as an Emergency Fund from some vote heads towards financing COVID-19 activities and programs.
Disaster Fund vote head allocation of Ksh. 90 million was reduced by Ksh. 70 million towards the Emergency Fund.
Donations were from voluntary salary reductions of County Executive management level staff for 3 months with the Governor and Deputy Governor contributing 30% each.
The County legislators approved the report by the Budget and Appropriations Committee on the supplementary budget, presented by the committee’s chairperson Hon. Willis Opuka.
County Executive Committee Members, Chief Officers and Directors gave 25%, 20% and 15%  of their salaries respectively.
Out of the County Assembly’s recurrent budget of Ksh. 1.061 Billion for the Financial Year 2019/2020, Ksh. 33 million was reallocated from domestic travel and subsistence allowances vote to cater for formation of 3 COVID-19 Ad hoc committees that will be responsible of carrying out sensitization of citizens on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as oversight for the COVID-19 funds and surveillance work.
The Tuesday afternoon session, chaired by the speaker, Hon. Morris Buluma, was attended by 28  out of 89  members in line with the COVID-19  protocol  and prevention measures  also saw the House pass the motion to form the three Ad hoc committees.
The motion was sponsored and  tabled by the leader of majority Hon. Joel Ongoro and seconded by Hon. David Ndakwa, the minority leader.
In its recommendations, for the heath sector, the Budget committee, wants the Health services committee to take a leading role in proper oversight of the COVID -19 funds in the county.
In bid to effectively fight the COVID 19 menace, the county ministry of health has increased daily substance allowance for public health workers who carry out awareness across the county on the pandemic.

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