Members of the Kakamega County Assembly (MCAs) and staff attached to various committees are currently undergoing training and capacity building on establishment of committees, their mandates and how to generates House Business.
This comes after recomposition of committees’ membership a fortnight ago, a move that saw seven women county legislators elected to leadership positions in a number of committees.
The training has been programmed into committee clusters in adherence to the guidelines on Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) by the national Ministry of Health.
According to the County Assembly Clerk, CPA Laban Atemba, committees were grouped basing on the number of members to avoid congestion during the exercise.
This disease (Covid-19) is real and to ensure that we are not affected, we have clustered two to three committees per day depending on the number of membership in each committee,” the Clerk  said.
Finance, Budget and Appropriations committees were the first to be trained on Monday.
The two key committees handle matters  monetary and budgeting in the county.
Inducting members during the training, the facilitator, Mr. Gavin Castro said that both legislators and staff are key when it comes to execution of committee mandates.
A Consultant in Legal, Legislative and Governance Affairs, further urged members to be sharp-eyed when oversighting the County Executive.
Some County Treasuries do lie on monetary matters and policies when submitting their reports to the County Assemblies,” said the Consultant…we therefore need to be more vigilant,” he added.
 Some of the joint mandates for the two committees include:
  1.  Investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the County Budget.
  2. Discuss and review estimates of the county government and make recommendations to the County Assembly.
  3. Discuss and review County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and Annual Development Plans (ADPs) and make recommendations to the County Assembly.
  4. Vet and report on all appointments into public office except those under Standing Order 196.
On matters public participation, members were urged to do their best in order to create a good rapport with citizens.
Always give feedback to the public after the public participation and validate your reports to avoid future rebellion from the public,” Mr. Castro stressed.
Mr. Castro has a vast experience in inducting   trainings, capacity building having worked for several legislatures.
The committee on Health Services and that on Land, Housing Urban Areas & Physical Planning will be trained on Tuesday.

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