Committee Reports



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BUDGET COMMITTEE -Report on the Supplementay Budget 2018-2019

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AGRICULTURE COMMITTEE- Report on Benchmarking by Elgeyo Marakwet Environment Committee

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HEALTH COMMITTEE- Report on Community Health Strategy

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PHYSICAL PLANNING COMMITTEE - Report on House Resolutions on the CBROP & CBIRR

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HEALTH COMMITTEE - Report on Operation of Kakamega County Ambulance Services

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PHYSICAL PLANNING COMMITTEE - Report on Kakamega County Mudiri Housing Units

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BUDGET COMMITTEE - Report on County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) 2019-2020

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Finance Committee Report on the Finance Bill 2018

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Report on the review of the Public Participation Act 2015

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Agriculture Committee Report on Domestication of the National Soil Management Policy in Kakamega

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