Interrogations of the County Executive Committee (CECs) members on the Budget Estimates for the Financial Year (FY) 2019/20 by the County Assembly kicked off on Monday  with the department of Public Service and Administration being among the first ones to face respective sectoral committees.
The department’s allocation is Ksh. 133.5 million down from Ksh.. 159.9 million  in the current financial year of 2018/19.
The reduction, which is contrary to the department’s budgetary requistion will see quite a number of votes  in the department affected in the succeeding financial year.
The CEC in charge, Dr. Beatrice Sabana cited the votes on Advertising, National celebrations and that of Medical insurance as some of those affected.
Constraints on the County Budget led to this, although the department wanted more allocation,” said Dr. Sabana.
Advertising, Awareness & Publicity Campaigns has been allocated Ksh. 3.7 million down from Ksh. 10.5 million allocated in the current financial year.
National Celebrations vote went down by Ksh 2.1million  from the previous allocation of Ksh. 10 million.
The worst hit was the Medical Insurance vote with Ksh. 17.7 million  drop from Ksh. 67.7.million  previously allocated.
The CEC, who was accompanied by her Chief Officer, Mr. Peter Lukoye, said that this was a biting issue and that her department was in plans to scale down on some votes as they await for the supplementary budget.
The  Public Service and County Administration Committee is chaired by Hon. Bonface  Osanga  while Hon. Willis Opuka chairs the Budget and Appropriations Committee.
At the same time the Kakamega County Public Service Board (CPSB) is among the departments whose budgets have been slashed in the forthcoming financial year of 2019/2020.
According to the board’s outgoing chairperson Mr. Moody Lukunza, areas affected include the votes on contracted professional fees, legal fees, training and membership subscription fees.
Some Khs. 4 million was allocated for training the staff and the incoming new board members, the amount Mr. Lukunza said was not enough.
In addition, the outgoing C.E.O, Ms. Victoria Tumaini expected the department’s budget would be increased by 10%.
The two requested the County Assembly through the committee on Public Service and Administration to increase their allocation  by Ksh 6 million.
They were speaking during the ongoing interrogation of County Executive Committee (CEC) members on the Budget Estimates for the financial year  2019/20.
The Assembly’s sectoral committees are engaging the CECs and other top accounting  officers from county executive are being interrogated in a week long exercise.
Meanwhile County Government of Kakamega has constructed County courts at a cost of Josh. 7 million under the office of the governor.
This was revealed during the on going interrogation of CECs on the Budget Estimates FY 2019/20.
The Deputy County Secretary, Mr. Joshua Kutekha told the  Assembly Committee on Public Service that the project is at 91% complete and that the remaining 9% will be completed in the next financial year.

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