The Committee on Trade, Tourism and Industrialisation has began an inspection of County markets.
This is aimed at ascertaining the status of the markets in terms of infrastructure, drainage systems and getting traders’ views on markets as immediate users.
At Khayega market, traders decried of some stalls being flooded with water especially during rainy season which affected their operations.
More so, the committee learnt that the water tank erected at the marked was not functional due to poor workmanship in terms of plumbing thus forcing traders to look for alternative sources of water which have proven to be costly.
This had let to the closure of toilet markets part from Sunday being an official markets.
Toilets meant for the disabled had been turned into tailoring shops and Mpesa kiosks by traders.
Itenje Ward Member of  County Assembly (MCA), Hon. Protus Wanga urged the market chairperson to take full charge in terms managing the market.
Mr. Widi Fred, the chairperson of Khayega traders requested for reduction of number of days meant for paying market fee from 7 to twice in a week.
Mr. Widi also lamented that some stalled had not been installed with power.
He urged the county government to provide uniforms for the market security guards as well as installing alarm response gadgets as a remedy to matters insecurity at the market.
Responding to the traders’ grievances, Hon.  Lydia Barasa promised that their concerns were going to be addressed.
 Hon. Barasa urged the ministry in charge to make use of the idling land at Khayega market y putting up more stalls for the swelling population.
Khayega market is second in terms of revenue collection after the Kakamega market.
Meanwhile, traders at the Malinya Market have blamed the County government for what they call high taxation at the market.
The Traders part with Josh. 30  daily in addition to Ksh.200 every market day, a  move they say is discriminative and discouraging.
They complained of deplorable state of the market despite heavy taxation.
Washrooms at the market are in poor condition  due to lack  of water.
Market shades were few and the drainage systems at the market  were wanting thus forcing traders to sell their products by the roadsides.
The residents were airing their grievances to the Trade committee members who are doing inspection to all markets across the County.
The committee is on a five day inspection exercise on all county markets.

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