Kakamega County Legislators have been challenged to use their three core mandates of Legislation, Representation and Oversight to generate more House Business that will benefit  citizens.
This manifested during the second week of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) ongoing training and capacity building.
Committees on Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives,  Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE) and that on Information Communication & Technology (ICT), e-government and Communication were scheduled for Monday.
The County Law Makers were informed that they had the responsibility to oversee both shared and devolved functions.
Addressing members of the three committees, Mr. Gavin Castro ,who is a consultant on,public affairs,legistative matters and governance, outlined some of the shared functions and urged the MCAs not to leave them to the national government.
“Besides overseeing devolved functions, County Assemblies can oversee shared functions that are implemented by the national government organs like  Kenya  Rural Roads Authority (KERRA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and put the national government to account,” said Mr. Castro.
The committee on Agriculture was urged to oversee all matters related to agriculture by ensuring that there are adequate extension officers in the fields and that there are required standards in both crop and animal husbandry are adhered to.
In Education, members were advised to oversee on the number and standards of ECDE  centres, polytechnics, home craft centres and childcare facilities.
MCA representing Shinoyi/Shikomari/Esumeyia Ward,Hon. Bonface Akosi, however, lamented that implementation and overseeing activities were crippled by delayed and inadequate funding by the national government, lack of political will and poor planning.
The facilitator challenged the County Legislators that it was their duty to ensure that operations and service delivery in their respective county government are effective.
“Your performance will will be determined by the number of legislation you passed in the House that had a direct impact to the community you represent,” he said .
Under House Business generation matrix, the consultants insisted that there is  need for a strategic plan to help generate ideas for the House Business.
“Research department should be analyzing the County Annual Development Plan (ADP), and share it with the committees’ secretariat, which  should constantly share the analyzed data and information with members of their committees,” he added.
The facilitators further urged the MCAs to put pressure on the committee secretariat especially while discharging their duties like preparation of statements, motions among others.

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