The County Assembly of Kakamega Service Board has engaged the Senate to consider its request for enhancement of budget ceiling for the next fiscal year.
The County Assembly Service Board (CASB) led by the Speaker Hon.James Namatsi who is also the chairperson of the Board engaged the Senate Standing committee on Finance and Budget on the need for increasing funding in the coming 2024/25 financial year.
The board, in its memorandum noted that Assembly’s present budget ceiling is underfunded, which is affecting operations on the mandate of the county legislature.
Hon. Namatsi told the Senate committee that the Assembly is facing numerous financial challenges caused by inflation, increased number of Members of the Assembly (MCAs) - from 87 in 2013 to 90 currently, upward salaries reviews for both MCAs and Staff by the Salaries Remuneration Commission(SRC),increased statutory deductions and other taxes among other factors.
The board informed the committee that the Assembly has critical programs that should implemented in the coming financial year for effective and efficient public service delivery.
They include refurbishing of the existing buildings that house the Assembly, robust public participation and citizen programs, live broadcast of the Assembly proceedings, effective running of Ward offices, staff mortgage and contingent fund.
The Clerk, Dr. Donald Keya Manyala told the committee that the requested additional budget funding of Ksh.372 million will also be used to offset pending bills. The Committee’s Chairperson Hon. Ali Roba assured the board that its request will be considered. “The interest of the senate is to ensure that county governments succeed and that citizens enjoy fruits of devolution.
As a committee and the Senate in general, we have a duty to protect the interests of all the 47 county governments to ensure they are offer effective public services to Kenyans.