Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Cooperatives

Hon. Geofrey Ommatera (Chairperson)

Overseeing all matters related to agriculture, including crop and animal husbandry, livestock sale yards, county abattoirs, plant and animal disease control and fisheries; implementation of specific national government policies on natural resources and environmental conservation, including soil and water conservation and forestry and control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances and outdoor advertising.





Current members:

  1. Hon. Geofrey Ommatera (Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Paul Ashiachi
  3. Hon. Gladys Omukongolo
  4. Hon. Lilian Osiema
  5. Hon. Kennedy Kilwake
  6. Hon. Geofrey Baraza
  7. Hon. Bonface Osanga
  8. Hon. Leonard Soita Kasaya
  9. Hon. Beatrice Shisia Shikule
  10. Hon. Patrick Lumula
  11. Hon. Godliver Omondi
  12. Hon. John Kadiagala
  13. Hon. Edward Shivembe
  14. Hon. Anne Nambiro
  15. Hon. Dorris Matere