The County Executive has submitted six Bills to the Assembly for legislation. The Bills have so far been introduced in the house for the 1st reading.
The Bills: (1) The Kakamega County Agricultural Produce CESS Bill, 2017 seeks to provide for the imposition of CESS on agricultural produce within the County, (2) The Kakamega County Alcoholic Drinks Control (Amendment) Bill, 2017 seeks to amend the County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2014, (3) The Kakamega County Enforcement Service Bill,2016 seeks to create the service, functions and operations and discipline of the Kakamega County Enforcement Service, (4) The Kakamega County Finance Bill. 2018, enumerates how the county will raise money to fund or implement the county Sbudget. The Bill focuses on how to improve county revenue collection.
Other Bills are, (5) The Kakamega County Water Bill, 2017 to create a legal framework for soil promotion and water conservation, ensure equitable and continuous access to clean water, promote water catchment and conservation and protection, provide for the development and management of County Water Services Public Works, provide for regulation of County Water and Sanitation Public Works, ensure effective and efficient provision of water sanitation services.
(6) The Kakamega County Youth Services Bill, 2018 seeks to ensure that youth access relevant opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in political, social,  and economic spheres  of  life, provide youth with employment opportunities, ensure youth are protected from harmful cultural practices and exploitation, provide youth with employment opportunities, promote participation of the youth in development and empowerment programs and provide  necessary training to facilitate increased employment and self-reliance of the youth.
The Assembly is expected to subjected the Bills to the next stage of public participation to collect public views before the proposed laws move to 2nd and 3rd reading stages.

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