Environment, Natural Resources, Energy, Water & Forestry

Hon. Swaka Limera (Chairperson)

Overseeing all matters related to implementation of specific county government policies on Natural resources and environmental conservation, including soil and water conservation and forestry and control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances and outdoor advertising.






Current members:

  1. Hon. Morris Swaka Limera (Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Sarah Watsula
  3. Hon. Gladys Omukongolo
  4. Hon. Charles Imbali
  5. Hon. Philip Maina
  6. Hon. Angela Nerima
  7. Hon. Phaustine Werimo
  8. Hon. Violet Ananda
  9. Hon. Jason Lutomia
  10. Hon. Geoffrey Ondiro
  11. Hon. Edward Namunyu
  12. Hon. Ann Kataka Andambi
  13. Hon. Brian Mafunga
  14. Hon. Edward Shivembe
  15. Hon. Linda Aseyo Wamalwa