The health committee took an impromptu  visit  to Malava and Kakamega County General Hospitals.
The objectives of the visit is to ascertain the staff establishment, service provision to the patients, conditions of the facilities and challenges faced by the facilities.
The committee found out that Malava hospital, being the second busiest hospital in the County, offers all services of a level four hospital which include inpatient, maternity, general outpatient, rehabilitation services among others.
The facility, however, faces a number of challenges in its  service delivery among them being; less staffing with various departments having half the required number of staff for level four hospitals.
Infrastructure at the facility is still inadequate according to the committee.
Inadequate funding is another challenge affecting the facility.
Funding is done by two main sources which are County Imprest funding and NHIF which involves paying of hospital bills, Linda mama, and capitation of outpatient among other services.
Pending bills have also affected the facility so much summing up to Kshs. 14M.
It was also noted that there has been massive exodus of nurses due promotion frustrations leading low staff establishment in the two facilities.
 Kakamega County General Hospital lacks several services like renal among other services.
There was a concern over high infant and cancer mortality rates at the hospital. The committee urged the county government through the Health ministry to do the necessary so as to improve on the situation. The committee will write a report and table it in the House.

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