Health Services

Hon. Lucas Radoli (Chairperson)

Overseeing all matters related to county health services, including, in particular county health facilities and pharmacies, ambulance services, promotion of primary health care, licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public, veterinary services (excluding regulation of the profession), cemeteries, funeral parlors and crematoria and refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal.





Current members:

  1. Hon. Lucas Radoli( Chairperson)
  2.  Hon. AuxilliaShiranda
  3.  Hon. Winny Musungu
  4.  Hon.  John Ngome
  5.  Hon.  John Kilwake
  6.  Hon.  George Mukodo
  7.  Hon.  Geoffrey Ommatera
  8. Hon.  Jacob Luvisia
  9.  Hon.  Mildred Walubengo
  10.  Hon. Antony Wabuge
  11.  Hon.  Jackline Okanya Mwaka
  12.  Hon.  Job Mwamto Amukhale
  13.  Hon.  Roselida Andambi
  14.  Hon.  Timothy Aseka
  15.  Hon. Samson Tali