A report meant to enhance the protection of  environment, water projects and greening programs has been adopted by Members of the County Assembly(MCAs)
The report comes after a series of oversight visits to various projects and programs across the county by the committee on Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Forestry.
While seconding the report that was presented to the floor by the committee vice-chairperson Hon.Sarah Watsula, the chairperson, Hon. Swaka Limera pointed out that there was need for the county government to be on the forefront in protecting water catchment areas as well as supporting all greening programs.
These efforts, he said will go along way in  improving forest cover and promoting the county ecosystem.
Greening program entails planting of trees in government institutions mainly public schools as well as government-owned land  and institutions across the county.
The committee outlined several  challenges facing these projects and urged the county ministry of Environment to bring on board all stakeholders while doing the implementation so as to help curb some of the bottlenecks that dog the programs.
Hon. Walter Andati stressed the need to engage MCAs and electorates to help in oversight and ensure there is accountability in running such projects programs.
Members urged the county executive to adhere  to set timelines especially for greening program to avoid a lot of wastage and loss of tree seedlings during the dry spell.

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