ICT, E-Government & Communication

Hon. Kennedy Kilwake Sitanda (Chairperson)


  1. Consider all reports on all matters relating to broadcasting of County Assembly proceedings.
  2. Advice the Assembly on matters related to Public Participation.
  3. Be In charge of County Assembly website.
  4. Maintain official papers of the House (Hansard reports, Committee reports, Acts, Bills, Annual Reports and Audits).
  5. Assist members of the House in utilization of Library and research services including use of information and communication technology.
  6. Make reports and recommendations to the County Assembly, including proposed Legislation on matters relating to broadcasting of Assembly proceedings and matters related thereof;


Current Members:

  1. Hon. Kenneth Kilwake (Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Jacob Luvisia
  3. Hon. Swaka Limera
  4. Hon. David Shikala
  5. Hon. Elphas Shilosio
  6. Hon. Mildred Walubengo
  7. Hon. Brian Mafunga
  8. Hon. Phaustine Werimo
  9. Hon. Jael Madanji
  10. Hon. Rodgers Nato Mwangala
  11. Hon. Godliver Omondi
  12. Hon. John Kadiagala
  13. Hon. Edward Shivembe