Justice and Legal Affairs

Hon. Samuel Imbwaka Limisi (Chairperson)


  1. All matters related to Constitutional Affairs, ensuring and coordinating the participation of communities in Governance at the County level and assisting communities to develop Administrative capacity for the effective exercise of the functions, Powers and Participation in Governance within the County;
  2. The administration of Law and Justice, including in the Election, Ethics, Integrity and Anti-corruption and human rights.




Current Members:

  1. Hon. Samwel Limisi (Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Roselyne Katibi
  3. Hon. Charles Imbali
  4. Hon. Benard Omboko
  5. Hon. Libinus Oduor
  6. Hon. David Igunza
  7. Hon. Shaaban Orengo
  8. Hon. John Ngome
  9. Hon. Kevin Mahelo
  10. Hon. Edward Namunyu
  11. Hon. Lydia Baraza
  12. Hon. Brian Mafunga