Physical Planning, Lands, Housing, & Urban Area

Hon. Indusa Kenneth – (Chairperson)

Overseeing all matters related to county planning and development, including statistics, land survey and mapping, boundaries and fencing, housing and electricity and gas reticulation and energy regulation.







Current members:

  1. Hon. Kenneth Indusa (Chairperson)
  2. Hon. Lazarus Lucheveleli
  3. Hon. LIlian Osiema
  4. Hon. Violet Lumumba
  5. Hon. Mathew Nyangweso
  6. Hon. Samwel Limisi
  7. Hon. Jacob Livisia
  8. Hon. Anne Mulwale
  9. Hon. David Shikala
  10. Hon. Musa Makhapila
  11. Hon. Laylah Muhandale
  12. Hon. Brian Mafunga
  13. Hon. Farouk Machanje
  14. Hon. Charles Odanga
  15. Hon. Linda Aseyo