Powers and Privileges


  1. The County Assembly Powers, Privileges and Immunity Committee shall, either on its own motion or as a result of a complaint made by any person,  inquire into any alleged breach by  any Member of the Assembly of the Code of Conduct issued by the Speaker, or  into any conduct of any member of the Assembly within the   precincts of the Assembly (other than the chamber) which is alleged to have been intended or likely to reflect adversely on the dignity or integrity of the Assembly or the member thereof, or to be contrary to the best interests of the Assembly or the members.
  2. The County Assembly Powers Privileges and Immunity committee shall, in accordance with rules made by it (which rules need not be published in the Gazette) consider the report and the recommendations thereon and may take such disciplinary action against the member concerned as may be provided by those rules. After such inquiry as referred above, report its findings to the Assembly together with such recommendations as it thinks appropriate.
  3. Any disciplinary action such as is referred above may include suspension from the service of the Assembly.

Current Members:

  1. Hon. Morris Indakwa Buluma (Speaker)
  2. Hon. Leonard Soita (Deputy Speaker)
  3. Hon. Violet Ananda
  4. Hon. Paul Ashiachi
  5. Hon. Harrison Shikuku
  6. Hon. Anne Mulwale
  7. Hon. Auxillia Shiranda
  8. Hon. Musa Makhapila
  9. Hon. Roselida Andambi
  10. Hon. Cynthia Maletso