The office of the Sergeant-At-Arms is a department in the Assembly charged with the duties involving service to the Speaker, Members of County Assembly, Staff and Members of the public.

The department has eight staff namely:

  1. Patrick Litaba – Sergeant-At-Arms
  2. Erick Wangila – Deputy Sergeant-At-Arms
  3. Nelson Odongo – Commissionaire
  4. Patrick Barasa – Commissionaire
  5. Joseck Onyango – Commissionaire
  6. Barbara Adagala – Commissionaire
  7. Christopher Wechuli – Commissionaire
  8. Jack Obote – Commissionaire
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Maintaining custody of the mace
  2. Ensure security for all persons and property within the precincts of the County Assembly
  3. Advise the Speaker and the Clerk on Security matters
  4. Perform chamber and ceremonial duties
  5. Enforce and Implement Speaker’s rules and directives
  6. Allocate office accommodation to members, staff and conference rooms to committees
  7. Ensure fire prevention and safety of the facilities
  8. Access control management
  9. Ensure compliance with occupational health standards
  10. Maintain decorum within the precincts of the Assembly
  11. Investigate occurrence of incidents
  12. Coordinate Assembly policing
  13. Disseminate relevant information to members through notice boards
  14. Carries out periodic security survey.

We have attained maximum security requirement of the Assembly precincts. With the little space available, we have managed to allocate offices for all members of staff.