Ward Development Fund

Hon. Lystone Ambundo (Chairperson)


  1. Consider and recommend to the County Assembly any matter requiring action by the County Assembly pursuant to the provisions of this Act
  2. Oversee the implementation of the Act and shall after every two years submit a report to the County Assembly and where necessary, propose any amendments to the Act with respect to the quantum of funds repayable into the funds
  3. Oversee the policy framework and legislative matters that may arise in relation to the fund
  4. Continually review the framework set out for the efficient delivery of development programs financed through the funds
  5. Consider and report the County Assembly with recommendations, names of persons required to be approved by the County Assembly under the Act
  6. The committee may make reports other than the statutory report to appraise the County Assembly on various matters relating to the fund and to seek various approvals as required by the Act

Current Members:

  1. Hon. Lynstone Ambundo
  2. Hon. Ann Mulwale
  3. Hon. Benson Samba
  4. Hon. George Mukodo
  5. Hon. Kenneth Indusa
  6. Hon. Samwel Limisi
  7. Hon. Helimina Lanziva
  8. Hon. Christine Omusula
  9. Hon. Edward Namunyu
  10. Hon. Elly Keya
  11. Hon. Stephen Mulonga
  12. Hon. Timothy Aseka
  13. Hon. Joab Mwamto